Michigan & Smiley

Papa Michigan & General Smiley bust large in ‘79 with the twin hits  ‘Rub A Dub Style’ and ‘Nice Up The Dance’ for Studio One winning song of the year for ‘Nice Up The Dance’. The call and response style from the dynamic duo heralding in a new style and fashion as reggae entered the new decade.

Success continued the following year when they were award winners again with ‘One Love Jamdown’ picking up the Performers Of The Year trophy for 1980. Riding the ‘easies and squeesies’  in 1982 Michigan & Smiley linked up with Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes and the Roots Radics to record their biggest ever hit ‘Diseases’. A massive chart-topper that thet following up with the ‘Downpression’ album later that year.

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