Michael Prophet
- Greensleeves
- Dancehall - Reggae - Roots -
- 1981
- GREL 27

The dream team of Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes & The Roots Radics at Channel One studios once again, this time with the unique vocal stylings of the late Michael Prophet. The title track ‘Gunman’ is a certified anthem with its soaring horns, squaky guitar licks, Scientist’s imaginative mix and Michael’s ‘crying’ vocal – it’s a potent mix for sure and one that epitomised the early Dancehall era. It’s a true testament to Michael Prophet as an artist that he was able to ride the rhythms in such a way that made them feel ‘full’ and ‘empty’ and atmospheric at the same time, he had a truly unique voice and this album captured a very special time for the singer.

Hold On To What You Got
Guide And Protect You
Turn Them Round
Up Side Down
Love And Unity
Never Leave Me Lonely
Help Them Please
Sweet Loving

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