- Greensleeves
- Dancehall - Reggae -
- 1982
- GREL 31

A truly groundbreaking album that showcases one of the most innovative, charismatic & distinctive voices in Jamaican music, Eek-A-Mouse. With his slurring, Amharic chants and clipped delivery the “Tallest Mouse In Town’s” style is very unorthodox yet completely brilliant – a style which is often imitated but never bettered. ‘Wa-Do-Dem’ is his debut set and some would say his finest work as it features such anthems as the title track ‘Wa-Do-Dem’, the Herbalist call to arms ‘Ganja Smuggling’ and ‘Operation Eradication’, a serious scathing attack on the Jamaican ‘Eradication Squad’ after the murder of his close friend Errol Shorter. Produced by the legendary Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes, backed by the ever-ready Roots Radics band and mixed & recorded at Channel One and at King Tubby’s this LP is a must in any serious record collection.

Ganja Smuggling
Long Time Ago
Operation Eradication
There's A Girl In My Life
Slowly But Surely
Lonesome Journey
I Will Never Leave My Love
Noah's Ark
Too Young To Understand

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