Day to Day Living

Don Carlos
- Greensleeves
- Reggae - Roots -
- 1982
- GREL 45

‘Day To Day Living’ is often overlooked when talking about the heady days of the Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes & Roots Radics era in the early 80’s, a period that bore an abundance of heavyweight Rubadub and the early sound of ‘Dancehall’, however, ‘Day To Day Living’ is, in fact, an essential slice of conscious Roots music that has truly stood the test of time.

After Don Carlos left the legendary Roots Rock Reggae outfit Black Uhuru (of which he was a founding member) he embarked on a solo career where his songwriting prowess could be fully realised, working with a number of the island’s top producers throughout the 1980s including Robert ‘Flacko’ Palmer, Roy Cousins, Bunny ’Striker’ Lee and of course, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes. ‘Day To Day Living’ was underscored by the hardest working band in Reggae music, the Roots Radics, with their signature ‘locked in’ grooves providing the perfect accompaniment to Don’s sweet honeyed vocal stylings, vivid imagery and social commentary. The call & response movement between the instrumentation and vocals is further accentuated by a killer Horn section, from impresarios Nambo Robinson & Dean Fraser, an impeccable dub-style mix from Scientist plus engineering from the inimitable Soldgie.

This is an album where you will find yourself returning to listen to again and again, it really is true authentic Roots Reggae at its finest.

Hog And Goat
I Like It
Dice Cup
Roots Man Party
Hey Mr. Babylon
Street Life
English Woman
400 Years
I'm Not Crazy
At The Bus Stop

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