Black Sounds Of Freedom

Black Uhuru
- Greensleeves
- Reggae - Roots -
- 1981
- GREL 23

A series of ground-breaking albums for Island and Virgin Records at the start of the 80’s saw the Reggae crown pass to Black Uhuru. ‘Black Sounds Of Freedom’ released by Greensleeves in 1981 for many contains their best work, produced by Prince Jammy the ten songs within have all gone on to become Reggae anthems. Backed on the album as they were on their historic ’81 tour by Sly & Robbie, ‘Black Sounds Of Freedom’ is as fresh and relevant today as the day it was cut and is another true Greensleeves Reggae Classic.

I Love King Selassie
Satan Army Band
Time to Unite
Natural Mystic
Eden Out Deh
Love Crisis
African Love
Hard Ground
Willow Tree
Sorry for the Man

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