“I was an orphan without a home 100% barefoot ghetto grown.”

Many of reggae’s most loved superstars have grown up the hard way but for Winston Foster life was harder than the rest.
Born young, gifted and yellow in 1956 he was raised as an orphan at Maxfield Park Children’s home and educated at Alpha Boys School where he would not have failed to soak up the musical heritage. It is of great credit to his strength and spirit that he let nothing stop him achieving his dreams and that he has gone on to become a genuine international reggae superstar.

“Who can make the dance ram? Yellowman can !” From the Tastee Pies competition winning stage debutthat put him on the path to success he has entertained ‘crowd of people’ all over the world. His big 1983 road-block at London’s Picketts Lock arena has gone down as one of the legendary live reggae music events, and to this day he continues to tour the world to entertain the dancehall massive.

“Is I Yellowman come fi’ ram up session !” “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng“ went on to become a signature tune for Yellowman coupled up on a massive hit Greensleeves 12-inch Disco 45 with “Who Can Make The Dance Ram”. The album, produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes, is rightly regarded as a dancehall classic and highlights a wicked selection of Yellowman duets with his longtime spa Fathead, proof then and proof now that as for ramming the dance, if anyone can, Yellowman can!


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