Adrian Boot

Adrian Boot

Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller was A huge star in every way, his many hit records, top ranking billing in the now legendary ‘One Love Peace Concert’ in 1978 and his prominent role in the film ‘Rockers’ that same year should be sufficient indication of his incredible popularity in the reggae world.

As both lead vocalist in Inner Circle and as a solo performer, he enjoyed massive success with hits like ‘‘Forward Jah Jah Children’, ‘Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush’, ‘Tenement Yard’ and ‘All Night ‘til Daylight’. In 1976 Inner Circle signed a major label deal with Capital Records releasing the popular albums ‘ Reggae Thing;’ and ‘Ready For The World’ following these up in 1979 with the ‘Everything Is Great’ album for Island Records.

The series of classic 45’s Jacob Miller recorded for Augustus Pablo between 1974 & 1975  ‘False Rasta’, ‘Keep On Knocking’ etc are some of the most highly regarded releases to ever come out of Jamaica. These classic cuts were later gathered together along with their crucial dubs including the monumental ‘King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown’ on the essential ‘Who say Jah No Dread’ album.

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