Alain de La Matta

Alain de La Matta

Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy first burst onto the reggae scene in early 1979. Very young and very precocious he was one of the first artists to transfer the live excitement of the dance hall, both its joyous upbeat celebrations and its sombre brooding introspection, straight to record. Over the ensuing years his music has continued to grow and mature for there is no substitute for untrammelled talent, ambition and determination.

Born 30th April 1964 in western Kingston, Barrington learnt his craft the hard way singing live on local Payne Avenue sound systems such as Burning Spear and Tape Tone to one of the most unforgiving audiences in the world where there was always someone waiting ready to take your place if you failed to make the grade.

One of the few dance hall vocalists to have enjoyed real lasting success Barrington Levy’s long career echoes the achievements of the legendary Jamaican vocalists of the sixties and seventies and he stands proud as a man whose popularity has always been rooted in talent and substance. His music continues to grow and mature and the former ‘teen Reggae star’ has more than earned his place in the roll call of Jamaica’s classic vocalists.


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